Thursday, April 12, 2018

Treetop Adventure!

Join Adventure Club for a trip to Treetop Adventures on Sunday, April 27. 
Cost is $45 for members, $50 for new members. 
Please see Ms. Desai for a permission form. 

Forms and money are due by Thursday, April 26 so that we can make reservations.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mt. Monadnock Hike

The hike was great. The summit was covered in clouds, which we climbed right into.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hike Mt. Monadnock

Join us for a day of hiking in the beautiful scenery of Mt. Monadnock. (The image above is the view from near the summit.)

The upper section of the mountain involves some bouldering; it's a lot of fun, and you can do it with no climbing experience or special equipment.

Be sure to wear good hiking shoes or boots, something with a good tread and traction.
Bring a small backpack to carry your water, extra clothes, and snacks.
Bring at least a liter of water (reusable bottle recommended).
Wear layers, and have space enough in your backpack to carry items you shed. Even though it might be nice weather at the base of the mountain, it will get colder and windier as you approach the summit. Lightweight athletic wear and a light coat on top are best.
If you have an allergy that requires an epipen, notify staff in advance and bring a non-expired pen with you.

We will have basic first aid materials with us.

Phones will not have a signal on the hike, so leave them in airplane mode. (You will probably want them to take photos, thought). :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Welcome to Adventure Club!

We're planning 1/2 day trips, weekend activities, and x-block fun!

Here are the ideas we kicked around at the meeting. We'll do as many of them as are feasible!

Possible weekend/Saturday trips
Indoor skydiving and surfing
Ramblewild Treetop Adventure
Zombie Run
Scuba diving
White water rafting
Boda Borg
Skiing (downhill and x-country)
Whale watching
Dog sledding
Downhill tubing
Paddle boating
Indoor water park
Color run

Possible 1/2 day trips
Ice skating
Rock climbing (indoor)
Five Wits
Cranberry bog hike at Bass Pro Shop
Laser tag
Dave and Busters

Possible x-block activities
Scavenger hunt
Desk fort
Manhunt in the woods
Red rover
Biking trails
Snow forts
Bird watching
Ultimate frisbee
Obstacle course
Amateur on-campus parkour

Possible future summer activity
US or Europe trip